Our company is a reliable partner in real estate investment. We offer our clients a wide range of services, including buying and selling real estate, acquisition of properties in the construction stages, subleasing of commercial and residential properties, as well as land and parking lots. Our experienced and professional team invests in hotels and hotel developments around the world. This allows our clients to receive a stable income from investments in the most promising projects. We monitor changes in the real estate market and analyze trends to provide our clients with up-to-date information and the best investment opportunities.

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7 levels of profitability


Road map

  • May 2023

    Expansion into the commercial real estate market. Training of staff in new ways of working.

  • December 2023

    Development in the market of country houses. Increase of turnover portfolio by 15%. Implementation of client relationship management system. Expansion of staff.

  • January 2024

    Implementation of real estate market analytics system. Development of a network of partners and client base.

  • September 2024

    Increase of turnover portfolio by 20%. Expansion in the land lease market. Introduction of financial management automation system. Development of marketing department.

  • November 2024

    Implementation of risk management system. Development of a network of branches in other countries.

  • February 2025

    Increase of turnover portfolio by 30%. Expansion into the real estate market of foreign countries.

  • April 2025

    Increase of real estate portfolio by 35%. Expansion into the market of investment in commercial projects.

  • March 2027

    Increase turnover portfolio by 50%. Expansion into the construction and development market. Implementation of project management system.

  • November 2029

    Increase of the turnover portfolio by 75%. Development and implementation of projects in the African market. Development of research and development department.

  • May 2031

    Increase of the turnover portfolio by 90%. Expansion into the green real estate construction market. Development of the digital technology department.

  • July 2033

    Achievement of the total turnover portfolio of the company by 100%. Development of new lines of business based on in-depth analysis of the market and customer needs, which confirms the competence and progressiveness of the company.



Partner status depends on the total amount of investments within the affiliate program. As the volume of investments increases, a partner can be promoted to new statuses and increase his income.

Income from partner investments is displayed in the online statistics in your personal cabinet. There you can also track the structural income from each attracted partner and information about the team.

The affiliate program has a referral system, which gives partners the opportunity to receive additional income from investments attracted by them to the program of investors. To do this, you need to share your unique referral link with other investors.

To maintain the current status, an affiliate must have a sufficient amount of invested funds. If the total amount of investments becomes less than required for the current status, the partner may lose their status and, as a consequence, the income from the partners' investments. However, if financial difficulties arise, funds can always be withdrawn. But it should be remembered that this may affect your status and income. By returning funds to your personal account, your status will be restored.